5 Paintings That Changed Our Way of View

When under stress or needing inspiration, some people “run away” with the song. There is also a way to eat or shopping, or maintain fish in an aquarium in his home. But it turns out that psychological “treatment” can also be done by painting.

Here are five paintings that can help us cope with stress and motivate our lives for the better:

“Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies”, Claude Monet, 1899


Monet is one of the most popular painters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Monet painting is known as a beautiful painting, which seemed to invite people to forget the big problems that are facing him. Overcoming the depression does not have to be directly confronted, because sometimes depression even makes us lose hope. By looking at the beauty that Monet scratched, hope can re-emerge.

“The Twilight of Life”, Sydney Tully, 1894


Not everyone has a great sense of empathy, let alone a sense of empathy for the elderly. This painting by Tully seems to invite us to imagine who this old lady is. It could be that he was a strong figure, had lots of lovers, but when he got older, he no longer had anyone who loved him. He then becomes a very sensitive figure and withdraws from the outside world, but in fact he still needs someone else to take care of him. Whoever we are, someday will also grow old like this woman.

“An Idyll: Daphnis and Chloe”, Nicola Pisano, 1500-01


This painting tells the beginning of a relationship, when everything is still very sweet and beautiful. Daphnis did not dare touch Chloe, because she did not want to ruin their relationship. Usually, when we have a relationship, we will change. This painting reminds us of the reasons we used to choose to love someone.

“The Agony in the Kitchen”, Jessica Todd Harper, 2012


We’ve often poisoned sweet love story, but just like coffee, in fact sometimes love can be very bitter. The couple in Jessica Todd Harper’s painting seemed to be enjoying a nice evening, until something happened. They may be good people, but they are in trouble. We also often experience things like this, right? So do not be too quick to judge others …

“Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit”, Nathaniel Bacon, 1620


One of the biggest problems in today’s life is consumerism. With abundant natural wealth, sometimes we become self-forgetful. To deal with consumerism, we do not need to then so do not want to eat melon and grapes again, for example, but we also have to create a good environment for the plants whose fruit we consume it.

Do you personally have a painting or illustration to motivate life?