No Lip’s Child – Dream … We Come With The Rock ‘N Roll (Malang City)

The band was originally a side project, due to the rift from Vitamin-Punkrock in early 1997 & each personnel still had an active band. Taking the band name from a song of their influence band, The Sex Pistol’s- (Do not ‘Give Me) No Lip Child.

For their line-up, there are Komo-vocals, John-guitar, Gandhi-drums & Dadang-bass. After several No Lip’s Child events, Dadang resigned to study & was replaced by Widi aka Thithit (ex-drum “DEC”). No Lip’s Child is getting naughty on stage, so they can meet friends outside Malang just for sing a long and …

In 1999, Thithit left No Lip’s Child to develop the Crustpunk band “Vomit”. No Lip’s Child must spin the brain, to fill the vacancy in bass position. Finally Andi aka Daimo (guitar-Vitamin) was willing to join No Lip’s Child & the line-up changed Komo-vocal, Gandhi-drum, John-bass & Andi-guitar to No Lip’s Child in … Read more

Why hire a visual effects or animation company?

As the technology is developing in a faster rate, different services also tend to grow. In earlier days, visual effect services are not that much popular. Only a very few movie or any other application make use of these visual effects. However, as today, the technology is developing in a faster growth. This makes a number of applications to utilize the services of visual effects and animation industry.

In earlier days, the numbers of companies that offer VFX services are very new. But, today, we can find a large number of such companies offering VFX services to different fields. Nowadays, a lot of movie and animation related fields utilize the services of visual effects. This led the visual effects and animation field to grow to a huge success. The important aspect related to VFX services is selecting the best company. In order to acquire the best visual effects services you … Read more