Commercial Radio Stations In Dallas

Radio StationSo you think you understand all the pieces about your favorite radio station, or disc jockey? Think once more. I spent your entire ninety’s working in radio. Eight years of morning exhibits at 2 major radio stations in Providence, RI I learned the radio bizz inside and outside. Here are the Top Five soiled and misleading radio station secrets and techniques I’ve found.

Do you actually assume someone is going to sit down by ninety seven callers when freely giving two free meal coupons to a pizza joint? Nope. It’s not gonna occur. With 6 cellphone traces (and typically less) coming into the studio, no one of their proper thoughts goes to take a seat there and reply telephones. If you’re not one of many first six, you’re going to be buying your personal pizza. Also, if you happen to sound like demise warmed over when the jock answers the phone, you are not going to win. Radio stations want glad, upbeat listeners who sound nice on the radio to win their contests. If you sound such as you awakened in a morgue, you misplaced. Even if you are caller ninety seven.

I personally have the earlier models of this fm broadcast transmitter card. It wasn’t a PCI then however an ISA card. Quite antique eh? But it was an awesome pirate fm radio station. It turned my 80486 pc into one thing very cool. Podcasting? I’ll take fm broadcasting anytime. AOh and do not you recognize that the software included has an option that directly pod casts your fm broadcast. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

The federal broadcasting regulator is imposing tighter guidelines on media Canadian Radio-tv and Telecommunications Commission mentioned Tuesday thata single company or person can personal only two radio stations, tv stations or newspapers in a single market. It was not instantly clear whether or not the rules imply present owners will have to sell off operations if they personal more than that.

WPAQ’s fundamental musical focus is bluegrass music, which isn’t surprising as a consequence of its location in the part of the nation the place string music began. To showcase this music which is indigenous to the Blue Ridge mountains, the station hosts the popular reside radio present, the Merry Go Round. Every Saturday, from the stage of the historic Earle Theater in downtown Mt. Airy, WPAQ broadcasts the present that includes local expertise performing gospel and bluegrass music.