How To Draw A Treble Clef (Step By Step Instructions) (2)

Music NotesWhen you look at Piano Sheets, you’re looking at notes, rests and musical terminology on the page such you can learn and play favorite pieces on the piano in a musical method.

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On the treble clef, the notes of the spaces spell out F-A-C-E. The traces of the treble clef have the notes E-G-B-D-F. The most popular acronym for memorizing the traces of the treble clef is: Every Good Boy Does Fine. Of course, the coed could make up his own acronym with the letters – the essential thing is to remember the letters within the proper order.

Some substitutions are included: the pound sign (#) may be substituted for the sharp sign; a humorous-formed x (search for it subsequent to the dollar sign) can be used rather than the double-sharp image; a degree image can be used to designate diminished chords. Depending on the font and the shortcut key used, that (diploma) image could also be bigger or smaller, increased or lower in relation to letters (˚), as you may see on the chart.

The piano scholar also needs to start to be taught the letter names of the bodily keys. Start with A and have your student spell up the alphabet till he reaches G. Explain that the musical alphabet stops at G and starts over at A once more. The scholar should start to see the sample that the black and white keys make. Have him find all the A’s on the keyboard, then all the B’s, etc. Point out Middle C, which will be the starting point in learning to play piano.