How To Embed & Play Video In PowerPoint 2010

Music VideoAfter you click on the Insert tab on the top menu bar, and then click on Video appearing on the Ribbon to the far right, you’ll get three choices to embed your video on to the PowerPoint slide.

Play Full Screen will allow the video to occupy the whole space of either the presentation or the transformed video because the case may be. If the presentation or the video space is simply too massive compared to the size of the embedded video, then the latter will look blurred. It is for you to experiment and learn the way this feature works if selected.

Till PowerPoint 2010 arrived on the scene we the video makers had a legitimate grievance about the troubles of utilizing video in PowerPoint and vice versa. This is no longer tenable with the coming of PowerPoint 2010. For some, PowerPoint’s newest avatar has just a few enhancements over its 2007 version, but I really feel there’s much more now you can do in PowerPoint than you ever thought doable.

Case in point is their very intelligent Happiness video, Here the aforementioned members are decked out in full NASA spacesuits as they sing and drift along an extended stemmed rose stuffed outer area psychedelic background and sadly sing concerning the search for and discovering of (can you guess?) happiness. Within the video description Youtube gives for content material uploaded AV Super Sunshine explains that this creation was impressed by the Space Oddity track from David Bowie’s eponymous titled 1967 debut studio album. Can you hear them Major Tom? AV Super Sunshine is pretty sure that he can.

ABC is believed to be the only community using music movies to advertise its reveals. Since the music movies are mutually beneficial to ABC and the document labels/artists, the community does not pay licensing fees to make use of footage from already present music movies, nor does it pay the artists when they seem in footage shot especially for the ABC videos.