Leonardo Da Vinci Vs Michelangelo, Who Is The Greatest Master?

Art DailyROME (Reuters) – Amid recriminations and wildly diverging theories, Italian politicians and artwork critics are nonetheless making an attempt to comprehend a dramatic theft which saw 17 paintings including several masterpieces taken from a museum in Verona this week.

It was in these difficult circumstances that arpilleras had been born-a unique type of protest as well as art. The first arpilleras had been created from material scraps, and in some instances, pieces of cloth from the clothes of the lacking men. The girls worked together in co-operative groups to make and sell their arpilleras. Through their artwork, they were able to say what they might not say in phrases.

Your college students shall be captivated by this fascinating program about arpilleras. The story behind this outstanding folks artwork and its capacity to empower the women who create it is a tribute to the importance of art in our day by … Read more