AV Super Sunshine Is In The House On Youtube

Music VideoNEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday attacked a music video by which rapper Snoop Dogg points a faux gun at a clown-like Trump figure.

This really is the message of the vacation. Great songs that remind us how essential our military is to Each of us. What sets GoTV’s ES Musica aside is its mixture of all-unique video content produced particularly for mobile by itself music-dedicated channel – past the static pictures, ringtone sales, repurposed TV or Web footage, or content material that it parcels out across the spectrum.

I’m honored that y’all were so moved by the videos. Like I said country music has a manner of touching our souls and making us really feel many emotions. God bless our troopers they are our heroes. The move is the latest sign of the strain between YouTube and the music industry and likewise signifies the video … Read more