Learning how to play powerful solos on the guitar

There are many good songs for taking covers, however, some of them are more inspiring, than others. Select the song that inspires you and that is on you slightly higher level to push you to improve your skills. 

Three best songs to learn on the guitar

The majority of Chuck Berry’s songs will help newcomers to learn more about this kind of music. It is mixed with the traditions of blues and jazz but played energetically and dirty. For many musicians, the solo from Johnny B Good for many years defined the very concept of a guitar solo and set its “gold standard”. Such bands as, for example, AC/DC, have practically built their entire career on imitation of this energy.

All people who learn how to play the electric guitar should learn the Jimi Hendrix’s style. All his songs are great, but it is interesting to learn about the cover … Read more

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Why a Used Piano is Perfect for Someone Taking Lessons

Whether it’s you or a child that’s going to take lessons, it’s important to look at a used piano. By visiting a piano store Boston piano experts can show you the various models. You can choose something within your budget to help you get familiar with the instrument.

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Save Money

Particularly when you are just starting out, you want to save money. You may be paying for professional lessons. As such, you may not want to invest thousands of dollars in a new piano. A used piano will be a great way for you to practice on a regular basis. Plus, you can find a model that offers a full 88 keys without going broke.

Test Out the Piano

If you are going to master the piano, you need to have a piano to practice on. Your lessons are not going to be very effective if you can’t practice on … Read more