Beginner’s Guide to Buying a Guitar

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Let’s begin this guide with this hilarious yet basic question to keep you focused on your journey as a guitar player. So, what kind of guitar did you imagine yourself playing a few days after you developed an interest in the instrument? Well, being that you are not familiar with the respective terms for all the types of guitar, I’m about to enlighten you. Let’s take a “strum” together. Wink!

The guitar is quality music equipment with various models and types to pick from. Which is why making the right choice for your first guitar can be overwhelming. The first step in setting you on the right direction of your musical journey is going for the right guitar with features that suit the genre or style you love. 

What type of Guitar should I go for?

  • The Nylon-String Acoustic Guitar

Guitar learners like you often start with a nylon string acoustic mostly called a “Classical Guitar”. These guitars are sensibly estimated at lower prices to fit a beginner’s pocket range. Notwithstanding, it is advisable not to go for the ridiculously cheap ones, as they most times come with poor sound outputs.

The nylon-string acoustic guitar is designed with a wide fretboard to suit your unpracticed fingers and the nylon strings go easy on your mild skin for the first few weeks of practice. Let’s not dispute the fact that they sometimes sound dull, unless you have imagined yourself playing on a stage with a high-quality acoustic setting. To end this, nylon-string acoustics are incredible to learn with.

  • The Steel-String Acoustic Guitar

Better referred to as an “Acoustic Guitar, the “steel” strings give a much clearer and intense output and is very easy to play and move around with. Acoustic guitars can be used to play a wide range of genres of music – from rock, funk, jazz, soul and so on. The steel-strings on its fretboard also does this thing where it gradually peels off the tip your fingers till they grow hard calluses on. 

A decent acoustic guitar is a delightful instrument to play and you can master pretty much every style in vogue playing one. That’s because it’s an instrument capable of producing virtually any guitar line you’ve heard with the help of other added gadgets.

  • Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are incredibly fun to play with as beginners — so long the sound from the amplifier doesn’t cost you a fine in the next residential meeting. Of course, that’s a disadvantage on your end as a beginner, because you might need to repeat various lessons over again. Trust me this could get so annoying even for you making the sound. This, however, could be minimized with the use of headphones. 

Whether you are trying to pick a guitar for the first time, or you’ve done this over a hundred times, purchasing a guitar is always a fun out time because of the wide range of spec to choose from. Have fun picking out yours!