Music From The Misfits TV Show

Music LiveThis music by MercyMe is the very song that ushered my late husband into God’s bosom, after succumbing to his battle with liver most cancers. It is a fantastic track describing the glory and the enjoyment that awaits every believer when they die. I do not forget that day when we have been met by the doctors who were taking care of him, and we had been advised that there was nothing more that they could do for him. As soon as they left, weak, but brave, my husband asked that the tune he had come to love a lot, be played. I keep in mind feeling numbed, but watching my husband with eyes closed, and with a smile on his face, listen to the comforting lyrics, as if he had already entered the promised City. There are many many more untold stories like this, of lives touched, healed and moved by the power of Gospel music.

I admire the complement, Eric! Emotional well being is my ardour, that is for certain! I have been by many difficulties in my life. It all the time comes back to the things I do to be emotionally wholesome, and music is one among them. Being a musician, I am very sensitive to how music affects me, and use it often to help me change my ideas and emotions. Thanks to your feedback!

Excellent article, Denise. This is so informative and effectively carried out. Music is so therapeutic in its capability to move, soothe, or calm us down. I love gospel on Sunday mornings while getting ready for church. I love classical within the car to help slow me down when I’m dashing. And I love city contemporary or hip-hop when I feel like dancing. Thanks for celebrating the various makes use of of music.

From the time I first met the members of Cage the Elephant at Summerfest in 2009 I knew they had been one thing particular. They have been extrememly personable and loved speaking to their fans. Guitarist Brad Shultz is particularly candy and will happily talk your ear off (which is certainly not a bad factor). My hair is vibrant inexperienced, I even have a number of piercings in strange locations, and I put on primarily black. I listen to Creedence Clearwater Revival, Old Crow Medicine Show and Fleet Foxes. Don’t categorize folks. Ever.

Music must be a mirrored image of life. Its additionally an expression of you. I hate when people try to blame anything on music or artwork or any media. You are a human being you make your personal decisions you might be accountable for your life…anyway you’ve a good expertise maintain after. I saw them again at Rock the Green this fall and their show was just as superb as the primary. They are a bunch of nice guys and musicians that utterly deserve their fame.