Music Production in The Digital Age

The fusion of music and technological devices has created genius musicians seemingly overnight. In almost every genre of music there is someone who deals with a piece of music directly with technology and computer methods, even if the original piece was created with real-life instruments. These people are called sound engineers and their job is to make the music sound good no matter where or how it is played because a music file can sometimes sound different on the radio as opposed to on YouTube or some other music streaming method. There are also thousands of music producers who do everything from start to finish, and for that reason in this article we will be discussing how these digital music producers create and how you can find music to start your own projects such as

Music Production in The Digital Age

As we mentioned in the introduction, music production has created famous producers. All of these artists make their music by using computers, laptops, and synthesizers, but some of them use what are called samples in order to start a song or add a different feel to a half-complete song that is missing a certain “flavor”. Samples are very common in rap and hip-hop music because they can be easily changed into a sound that is completely different and unique than the original sample.

If you wanted to get started in the digital music creation space you would first need to do a bit of research on the different music making software options available to you. You’re able to play different instruments and even use your laptop or computer keyboard as the piano. You will need to get familiarized with certain steps taken when making music such as choosing the beats per minute (BPM) of the track, and more. Below we will list a few of these general tips for you to get started making music digitally:

  • Understand the genre of music you want to make
  • Watch other producers
  • Think of the sound or feeling you want to create
  • Research the basic patterns involved in your genre
  • Start experimenting
  • Practice, practice, practice

First you have to understand the genre of music you’re interested in creating. This is like wanting to make Italian food but studying how to make Chinese food. Yes, you’re making food, but they will taste completely different. Same with music, understand what you’re making, learn from others who have already done it, and start practicing on a daily basis.

In conclusion, in this article we discussed what digital music creation is and listed some of the music creation tips so that you can start making your own digital music. People often get confused when they hear the word “digital music”. They believe it is some sort of alien sound, but really, it’s the way in which the music is created. It doesn’t matter how it’s created as long as it sounds good to the listener.