Pergols from the manufacturer Israel

Making a garden cozier and more attractive is one of the functions of pergola buildings. Therefore, they are so in demand among the owners of suburban areas. Craftsmen carry out exclusive designs with their own hands, so their varieties can not be counted. Enterprises produce high-quality models, improving technical specifications from year to year. We have spied the best ideas and offer to buy ready-made pergolas from the manufacturer. Decorative wooden lattices, trellises, garden arches allow you to create a charming place to relax. See photos of wooden, metal buildings to find the best option for yourself. And our masters realize your wishes.

What are the finished pergolas from the manufacturer?

Today this name is not only a simple wooden building to support climbing plants, but also its other varieties, which have more of a decorative purpose: a canopy, arch, bench, screen, swing, trellis, arbor. Each has its own purpose: to zon the garden, organize a resting place, hide unsightly outbuildings, decorate the entrance or obscure the paths. However, any species can serve as a support for the green lashes of loaches, which makes pergola structures attractive and in demand among gardeners, owners of country houses, business facilities. Ready-made garden pergolas from manufacturers are not distinguished by the exclusivity of the design, but their quality is up to par. Modern technologies and equipment allow the implementation of reliable systems of high-quality aluminum, well-processed wood, metal. Buying a forged or wooden structure, with rotary lamellas or supplemented with an awning is a matter of taste and budget, but keep in mind: no matter how the wood is processed, its service life is still less than that of metal, stone or brick products; forged, aluminum pergolas require constant care: processing with special compounds, tinting; it is inexpedient to use the canopy with rotary lamellas as a garden building to support the loaches: the lashes will be injured themselves or cause frequent breakdowns of the ceilings. In this case, it is better to use planters, potted plants.

Ready-made garden pergola from the manufacturer: what is important to know before buying

Before making a purchase, consider the following points: for what purpose do you need a pergola; parameters – height, width – should harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape; where the building will be installed: directly near the house or separately; ways to strengthen the structure; what plants will be planted. They can be very heavy, brittle, thick, and these indicators affect the choice of strength, care features: annuals are simply removed, perennials are removed carefully to insulate during frosts, all decorative arches, trellises, trellises are cleaned of dry lashes and twigs to in winter, pergolas also looked good. The color scheme for your taste, here are a few tips: White makes the airy, light, even a large, massive building. The natural color of the tree, its natural structure is a beautiful classic version. The overall composition of the site, already existing main buildings, affects the choice of shade. Hue can be tone-on-tone or contrasting, depending on the design of the territory. The manufacturer “Pergolas-Marquises” offers to buy ready-made garden structures or make them to order. At the request of the client, screens, benches, swings, arbors can be added.

Reliable pergolas from the manufacturer

If you can assemble a simple wooden pergola system with your own hands, then for the implementation of more complex ideas it is worth contacting specialists. It is not only a matter of difficulty, but also of security: the master will calculate the weight of all elements, provide for reliable fastenings and assembly, take into account the climatic features of the terrain and your wishes. Manufacturers make any model: from a simple classic pergola shop, a canopy to an expensive bioclimatic. The catalog contains photos of finished samples that can be installed on the site. If necessary, they can be upgraded: made in the form of a mosquito cottage tent, combined with a marquise to protect against rainfall, apply glazing, expand. You can buy modular systems if you need to further increase the shading area. The manufacturer uses modern technologies, makes automated structures, equips them with an electric motor, lighting, a drainage system, heating, fogging and other novelties that create comfortable conditions.