Reflecting on Life & Celebrating Death through Visual Art with Satire Tone

Diverts the intricacies of life in antics

That’s the right sentence to describe Dodo Karundeng’s work in the exhibition entitled “Cartoon Brain”. The cartoonist who is also a photojournalist summarizes events in the form of cartoons, comics, and satirical paintings with jokes presented in the form of irony, sarcasm and parody.

Dodo uses intricate terms to represent events from his glasses. Intelligent people who are actually stupid, cleverness that is only camouflage, rulers of the country who are tricky, officials play magic, people are destitute, that is the reality that often makes him “tickled” to convey criticism, ranging from social, political, humanitarian, corruption, technology. , to sex even through his hobby of drawing. This exhibition is open from 19 to 28 February 2013 at Galeri Cipta III, Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Apart from satirical jokes about life, we go to death. Synonymous with loss, grief, death is not always sad. There are also cultures that regard death as the beginning of a new journey after completing a phase of life. Various parties are held as a form of respect for those who have died, not with a mourning ceremony that sucks tears and happiness. This difference in interpretation is what the visual art exhibition entitled “Grateful Dead” was supposed to be held at Bentara Budaya Jakarta from 8 to 16 February.

“Grateful Dead” presents about 40 works by 17 artists: Ade Artir Tjakra, Aliansyah, Angga Aditya Atmadilaga, Aradea Nugraha, Aurora Benita, Citra Kemala Putri, Didi SW, Esti Lestarini, Firman Lie, Herman Widianto, Irawan Karseno, Munadianno Husni, Najib Amrullah, Neneng Ferrier, Putu Fajar Arcana, Widiyanto, and Zusfa Roihan. And, the process of creating the works of the 17 artists is quite unique. They paint together in the cemetery area of ​​San Diego Hills, Karawang, West Java, on canvas measuring 145x120cm.

Judging “The Cartoon Brain”

It is as if we are invited to open ourselves up, reflect on the various things that happen and what we experience around us, to then laugh at it, criticize, as well as contemplate the meaning of life itself. While dealing with death in “Grateful Dead”, we are invited to see it from a different perspective. Death is no longer about something scary, sad, but a process to be grateful for because eventually anyone will get to that stage anyway.

Life and death. These two opposing phases both hold a mystery that must be pondered. Life and death produce various interpretations – depending on which side we look at – from which the actors, artists (and connoisseurs of art) are also able to “flick” the actors, to create (and enjoy) beautiful works of art that are also rich in interpretations. We, for example, then interpreted that death could look far more beautiful than life which was just full of camouflage.