The Best Countries To Learn Art

What a world it is without an art. Maybe we’ll just get to know black and white and other boring colors. There is no beautiful architecture, charming design clothes and no inspiring paintings. Well! Can not be denied again if the artwork has made our world more colorful.

Speaking of art, it can not be separated from our memory of the artist and all his masterpieces. However, to be an artist who has an identity is not easy. Art blood does not flow to just anyone. The ability to create something also can not just come. A talented person still has to learn.

“The Most Artsy Country”

Each region has its own local artist’s taste. In Indonesia, we know Bali and Jogjakarta as the home of great artists. Their works often we enjoy in painting or a local art event. So also in other parts of the world. Every country has art that they want to popularize. Some are still trying, some countries are famous as “The Most Artsy Country”.

Below are countries that already have the identity of the State of the artists.

1. Paris, France

Paris is known as an eclectic city, because of its people who greatly uphold the work of art. Paris is home to 100 large and large-scale museums. The Louvre, is one of them. The museum has 35,000 objects including the most famous Mona Lisa paintings. So much history can be learned in various corners of the city. By learning art in this city, you will easily get inspired.

2. Florence, Italy

Many people know Italy just because of the pizza and the leaning tower of Pisa. However, in fact Italy also has a long history of art and has the best art schools. History begins with the facts of Italy as the birthplace of world art maestros like Caravaggio, Raphael, da Vinci and Michelangelo. Take one example of da Vinci. He is an architect, musician, writer, sculptor as well as a painter. His most famous works are the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. Da Vinci also contributed to the field of anatomy, astronomy and even culinary, armed with a very high curiosity.

Traces of the artist’s legends can be enjoyed at the Ocafizi Galery in Florence. Uffizi store various paintings, sketches and sculptures that always amaze every visitor.

Florence is also renowned in the world thanks to the Fresco paintings we can find in many churches. Fresco is a technique of painting on walls by placing pigments on new plaster walls in the seal.

And the most important part is that many design and art schools are in Italy. Say NABA, DOMUS and others.

3.London, UK

Having a Royal Family turned out to also bring this country became one of the most artsy countries. The queens and princes in the UK love to bring the works of art to the number of more than 7000 items. The items are from Holland, France, Italy and Belgium. There are even 600 da Vinci paintings that come trafficked to the UK.

All the artworks are displayed at Tate Modern to the British Museum to the Victoria & Albert Museum, Picasso’s London’s numerous galleries offer, Van Gogh’s, Rembrandt’s, and Caravaggio.

4. Beijing, China

In Asia, we know China as the most versatile country. And this is proven. China, is a country that has its own artistic power. The art is widely poured in both painting, cloth, porcelain and even ceramics. That’s why China is considered a gateway to contemporary art.

Contemporary art is the development of art influenced by the impact of modernization. Characterized by the development of techniques and media used. If in Europe using canvas, China already apply it in porcelain and ceramics.

When you study art in Beijing, do not forget to visit the 798 Art zone (Dashanzi Art District). The area is famous for the old buildings built in the mid-1950s. Later this area was transformed into an art area and became a rather unique icon of Beijing city.

5. Barcelona, Spain

If you study art in Barcelona Spain you can visit various artsy places that have their own uniqueness. One of them is MACBA (Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum), The Picasso Museum, The Miro Foundation and MNAC (Cataloni’s National Art Museum).

If in Beijing has contemporary art, Barcelona has a street art that is so polular. The streets of Barcelona are inlaid by the skilled hands of the artists. In fact, many shop owners have their own martial artist.